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      สล็อต 666 ฟรีเครดิต

      All work available for purchase 

      through BarbaraHouston ArtStudio 

      on the Bonavista Peninsula +

       Christina Parker Gallery

      in St John's, NL

      entry blue sky.JPG


      creative practice


      Working from the tradition of landscape painting + using contemporary materiality as a starting point, I am recording places found along the Bonavista Peninsula + in Newfoundland.


      Integral to my work is the landscape of people, place, community + belonging.


      New artstudio at 32 Ryan's Hill Road in Bonavista just past the Ryan Premises on Route 235

      21_4_22 new_edited.jpg

      in the new studio...

      the joy in a piece of graphite, archival ink, the end of a treasured brush, those are the beginnings that come alive through the materials,?its surface, texture, colour, warp, weft or wood grain



      May through October Friday to Monday 12 - 5
      or by appointment any day

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